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NFL Picks & Pans: Week 8

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The Baltimore Ravens are off on their well deserved Bye week but there are still a bunch of interesting games this weekend, including a couple of AFC North match-ups that should be of interest to all Ravens fans. After a sight turnaround last week to at least get us into the plus-.500 rate for last week, I believe I am due for another breakout week with a solid "Upset Special Pick of the Week." Let's go abroad over the "pond" to Great Britain for the first selection:

49ers over BroncosJust like last year, as soon as Denver lost to the Ravens, they started their downhill trend of losing, which should continue this week in London, England. San Francisco makes another QB change and Ravens fans will root loudly for Troy Smith to prove he can start and win in the NFL.

Bengals over Dolphins:  Out of loyalty and hope, I want to pick Miami to win this game, but on the road and against a high-scoring offense, I see Cincinnati playing a bit better defense at home to outscore Miami, get a much needed win and show them this three-game stretch playing the AFC North is going to be a tough task.

Cowboys over JaguarsThis pick is a combination of confidence that Dallas QB Jon Kitna can win a game with a full week of practice as well as the lack of confidence in a Jacksonville team.

Chiefs over BillsBuffalo proved a lot in their OT loss to the Ravens but to expect them to go to Kansas City and beat a tough Chiefs team that will run the ball all day against the NFL'sworst run defense is not happening.

Lions over RedskinsHere we go with the "Upset Special Pick of the Week," as the return of Detroit QB Matthew Stafford propels the Lions to a much needed home win over Washington, which is looking to prove they belong in the NFC East race but is inconsistently scoring points while Detroit can.

Rams over PanthersAmazing to see St. Louis actually favored in a game, but their rookie QB is proving worthy of the #1 pick and besides, Carolina is actually that bad.

Jets over PackersAnother game that I'd love to be wrong about, but for Green Bay to go on the road to play a tough defense like New York's and stop their offense with all the Packers' injuries is just too much to expect.

Chargers over TitansNo doubt about it, Tennessee is the better team, but I see the home field San Diego scoring machine getting back on track and holding down the game's best RB to win this good match-up.

Patriots over VikingsSo many sub-titles to this game but once the game starts, New England's methodical offense will hold the ball and stop the old man from breaking any more records although he might break a few more bones along the way.

Cardinals over BuccaneersI was about to pick Tampa Bay to win this game, but with the cross-country trip, I'm going with Arizona to win in what might be the most boring game of the entire weekend.

Seahawks over RaidersAfter an incredible victory, what else could you otherwise expect than for Oakland to lay an egg against Seattle, who might be on their way to winning the NFC West after no one expected them to.

Saints over Steelers (Sunday Night Football):  The NFL got it right this week by putting the top game of the weekend on primetime TV. New Orleans desperately needs to prove they are still in the race to repeat, especially in front of their own fans. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh wants to prove they deserve the top ranking they currently have in the NFL Power Rankings, but will find it tough to outscore their opponents on this night.

Colts over Texans (Monday Night Football):  No way that Peyton Manning allows Indianapolis to lose at home on national TV, despite Houston beating them in the 2010 opener in a match-up to grab the lead in the AFC South.

Last week:  8-6

Season record:  61-43