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Ravens Win a Nail-Biter 37-34

After being practically destroyed in the 1st quarter the Ravens grabbed the shovel and dug themselves out of a 17-3 deficit with a TD pass to Todd Heap, setting the score at 17-10. Well, what looked to be a bad day got worse with a 20-yard TD pass to Lee Evans from Ryan Fitzgerald, putting the Bills ahead 24-10. The next drive Billy Cundiff hit a 48-yard field-goal, making the score 24-13. On the ensuing kick-off C.J. Spiller fumbled the ball giving, putting the Ravens in scoring position. Joe Flacco took advantage of this mistake by launching another TD pass to Todd Heap; making the score 24-20 going into half-time.

(More after the "Jump"...)


The Bills got the ball back to begin the 2nd half, but not for long,  Ed Reed intercepted a pass thrown by Ryan Fitzpatrick to once again put the Ravens in scoring position. On the next play Cam Cameron called a flea-flicker, and Joe Flacco executed it perfectly by chucking the ball down the field for an Anquan Boldin TD. On the next drive Willis McGahee ran it in for a 2 yard TD putting the Ravens ahead 34-24. The ever-so-famous Ravens' defense however allowed the Bills back in it. The Bills scored 10 unanswered points to send the game into over-time.

After punting the ball away in their first overtime possession, Ray Lewis forced a fumble giving the ball right back to the Ravens. This put Billy Cundiff in field goal range. After an 8-yard drive, the Ravens decided to kick the field-goal. And for the third time of the game Purple Crush made a crucial field-goal, putting the Ravens ahead 37-34 to win the game.

Next week is a Bye-week, and we sure need to fix some problems, more specifically, the defense. This game should not have gone into over-time but due to a weak defensive effort, we allowed the Bills back into the game. But a win is a win. Now we prepare for a home game against the Dolphins after the Bye-week. Glad to see another win. Go Ravens!!!!!