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Ravens vs. Bills: By the Numbers

The Baltimore Ravens (4-2) host the Buffalo Bills (0-5) Sunday in what appears to be a mismatch both on the field and on paper as well. The two teams will settle it for real on the field come Sunday, but in the meantime, let's set it all up with a look at the numbers, courtesy of

TOTAL OFFENSE: The Ravens rank 16th overall (336.3 yards/game) while the Bills rank 30th (251 yards/game).

SCORING OFFENSE: Ravens-21st (18.7 points/game) / Bills-26th (17.4 points/game)

RUSHING OFFENSE: Ravens-15th (111.5 yards/game) / Bills-16th (106.4 points/game)

PASSING OFFENSE: Ravens-16th (224.8 yards/game) / Bills-31st (144.6 yards/game)

TOTAL DEFENSE:The Ravens rank 3rd (280.5 yards/game) while the Bills rank 30th (383 yards/game).

SCORING DEFENSE: Ravens-2nd (15.8 points/game) / Bills-32nd (32.2 points/game)

RUSHING DEFENSE: Ravens-13th (105.5 yards/game) / Bills-32nd (182.4 yards/game)

PASSING DEFENSE: Ravens-3rd (175 yards/game) / Bills-10th (200 yards/game)

PENALTIES COMMITTED: Ravens-1st (61 penalties) / Bills-31st (22 penalties)

TIME OF POSSESSION: Ravens-2nd (33:34/game) / Bills-32nd (25:02/game)

TURNOVER DIFFERENTIAL: Ravens-28th (-4) / Bills-19th (-2)

PLAYS FROM SCRIMMAGE: Ravens-5th (407 total plays) / Bills-32nd (261 total plays)