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Ravens: 20 Patriots: 23: Good ol' Cam Cameron

Where's the flag?!
Where's the flag?!

Going into this game most Ravens fans, such as myself, thought we had a good chance to win. We went into half time leading 10-7. And in the 3rd quarter Flacco launched a pass to Boldin, increasing the Raven's lead to 17-7. And that's when Cam Cameron did what he does best: loses games. Poor-play calling and lack of execution allowed the Patriots back into the game. The Patriots tied the game up 20-20 putting the game into overtime. We managed to not score on 3 OT possessions, which allowed the Patriots to drive down the field and make a game-winning field goal.

Next we Take on Buffalo at home. This should be an easy win, but with Cameron's play-calling anything could happen. The Ravens need to refocus and get back to winning. Now we move on to Buffalo... Let's go Ravens!