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Ravens Hold On Behind McGahee's 3 TD's, 21-13

The Baltimore Ravens secured a Wild Card plyoff slot for the second season in a row for only the second time in franchise history, the first being the SuperBowl and following season. Beating the Oakland Raiders 21-13 behind three touchdown runs by Willis McGahee, including a season long play of 77 yards in the second quarter.

Who the Ravens play remains to be seen, although it will either be at the Cincinnati Bengals or New England Patriots and the game will either be Saturday or Sunday, to be determined later tonight. While the offense looked sluggish at times and the field goal kicking game, much less the long snapping, looked really shakey at best.

A lot of things can be said about the way the Ravens sneaked into the post season, but the simple fact is that we are in while a lot of other envious teams will be sitting home as their seaspon slipped away as the Ravens knelt down to run out the game's final seconds.

So much more to follow and we'll look closer at this game as well as next week's in upcvoming posts. For now, jot down your thoughts and thrills about the fact that we are playing post season football for another week!