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Fixing The Pro Bowl

Over at SB Nation, the guys are discussing a feature about what changes could be made to "fix" the Pro Bowl and make it interesting or even meaningful to watch, much less compete in for the players. A lot of comments have already began to flow in and it might be a good topic to discuss here on Baltimore Beatdown.

Some of the comments thrown out there have been:

1. Let the fans enter a contest to design the currently boring conferences' uniforms each year.

2. Forget about the game and just make it a "Skills Competition."

3. Play the game in August as a replacement for the worthless Hall of Fame game.

4. Make it a "Rookie" game.

5. Let fans vote online for a "Madden-type" of play that has to be tried.

6. Lift all rules for TD celebrations.

Any ideas, people?

NOTE: SB Nation "Fixing the Pro Bowl" story here.