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Ravens To Play in London in 2010?

You might be seeing a Baltimore Beatdown first, as we know of no other media outlet that is reporting that there is a decent chance that the Baltimore Ravens may be one of the teams that will be playing a regular season game in London during the 2010 season. There already is one game scheduled for the United Kingdom, but it has been widely speculated that there may be another game announced at some point.

According to one of The Beatdown's loyal followers who lives in the UK, he was watching the local broadcast of the Indianapolis Colts-Baltimore Ravens playoff game this weekend and the commentators were discussing the rumors of a second game at London's Wembley Stadium. See a portion of our UK friend's email after the 'Jump' with his comments about his love for our Ravens and the reasons behind this current rumor that might be broken first as fact by Baltimore Beatdown!

"Just thought I’d pass on rumour doing the rounds in UK: during our game with the Colts, the commentators on Sky Sports (which is a Murdoch owned channel that owns NFL rights in UK), were speculating on the fact that there might be a second Wembley game this Autumn – and that it might be a Ravens home game in London. Jay Schroeder was also there (they always have an "external" commentator, to make sure UK based guys are going off the deep end!), and he said that he thought this would happen, to bolster support for Baltimore because they are in such fierce competition with the Redskins for local market share in Baltimore/DC region … this argument doesn’t make loads of sense on the face of it, and I am torn – would love to see Ravens play in London – don’t want us to lose a home game in M&T – but would LOVE to be able to see Ravens in person in London!!!! … anyway, seeing as your blog has really good insights into what’s happening in/around the team, thought I’d pass it on.

Regardless, thanks again for all the hard work. If the Ravens do play here, first pint is on me in London …"

All I can say to this possibility is ....."WOW!" Remember, you heard it here first on Baltimore Beatdown!