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Ray Rice Nominated for VIZIO Top Value Performer

The Baltimore Ravens' Ray Rice has been nominated for VIZIO's Top Value Performer Award, which goes to the NFL player who gets the "most bang for the buck." The Award winner is a player in the league who has the star power based on great statistics and performance, but still gets paid among the lower level players in the league. The Ravens' Rice had one of the best all-purpose offensive seasons in 2009 with over 1,300 yards rushing and over 700 yards receiving.

After the 'Jump' see the entire notification Baltimore Beatdown received and how you can help Ray out by voting for him.

Raven’s Running Back Ray Rice has been nominated as one of five finalist for VIZIO’s Top Value Performer.  The award crowns the player who most outperformed his contract and Rice definitely fits the bill as he rushed for over 1,300 yards and had over 2,000 All-Purpose yards while making a paltry $385,000.

You can check out the contest at  The other nominees are San Diego Charger Wide Receiver Vincent Jackson, Denver Broncos Linebacker Elvis Dumervil, Jacksonville Jaguars Wide Receiver Mike Sims-Walker and New York Giants Wide Receiver Steve Smith.  Past winners include David Garrard (2007) and Matt Cassel (2009).

Rice believes in this award so much he has begun to urge fans to vote for him via his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

I thought this might be something that your readers would be interested in voting for and good topic on your blog as Ray strives to become 2009 VIZIO Top Value Performer.