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Ravens Beat Themselves Once Again

The Indianapolis Colts dominated the Baltimore Ravens on both sides of the ball as they won 20-3 in a game that was marred by inopportune penalties, dropped passes, questionable playcalling and ultimately poor execution. The frustrations that led to so many of the Ravens seven losses in the regular season reared its ugly head tonight as time and time again, the Ravens could not either stop the Colts from driving for a score, or stopped themselves from the same opportunities.

Next up for the Colts will be either the San Diego Chargers or New York Jets, while the Ravens will once again go home to ponder the issues that have plagued this team and have not changed since earlier this season. Some will say that at least we made it this far but with the high expectations we fans have had since we saw what this team is capable of in their resounding victory last week in New England, it is just not satisfying right now to me as well as a lot of fans.

Discuss it amongst yourselves, as I need to take a walk outside to cool off and talk myself off of the ledge. Thanks to all for your patience during the outage and for all the great posts tonight, during the week and all season long.