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Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Colt

Come on, you've got to love the headline's play on words! Especially if we look at the streak of losses the Baltimore Ravens have had in their recent series of games, against the Indianapolis Colts. The last four games, including the playoffs in 2006, the regular season losses in 2007 and 2008, as well as this season's heartbreaker all make this game the classic definition of the "revenge factor."

The playoff game in 2006 ended in a 15-6 loss to the Colts and included a goal line interception thrown by the late Steve McNair. The 2007 and 2008 games were blowouts by scores of 44-20 and 31-3, respectively. Of course, most fans are still regurgitating the 17-15 loss in November of this year's regular season.

So now, getting the same sort of revenge that we took on the New England Patriots is just what this fairy tale season needs to continue.

Personally, I made my reservations for Jamaica next month right after the Ravens lost to Green Bay in early December to even their record at 6-6. Who was I to know that they'd win four of their next five games to be where they are today. I will be able to watch the Super Bowl on TV, but if the Ravens get that far, I will not be in Miami as I would have wanted to. Oh well, that's why I'll plan on going to either New York or hopefully sunny and warm San Diego for the AFC Championship Game as my "consolation" prize.

But now our focus is on proving that just what happened this past Sunday in Foxboro can absolutely happen again in Indianapolis. Colts fans are saying that if Ravens QB Joe Flacco throws for only 34 yards, there is no way the Ravens will win. Well, if you said the same thing to any Ravens fan before Sunday's game, we'd all probably agree with you and look what happened.

The Colts are definitely not the Patriots, but in the NFL it doesn't matter what you did last week, it's how you play that day. The past month have proven to Ravens fans that this team has always had the potential to be where they are now and certainly have that same potential to still be playing next week and once more time in February. Revenge is the not the main motivating factor, but it sure helps.