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Ravens Game Release

Here is the Ravens Game Release: Divisional Playoffs at the Indianapolis Colts, direct from the Baltimore Ravens great PR Department with 35 pages of news, notes, stats and quotes on the upcoming playoff game this Saturday night at 8pm.

Below is a link to download the Ravens’ game release for their Divisional Playoff at Indianapolis (Jan. 16):

The release contains the following information:

·       2009 Season Review

·       Playoff Notes/History

·       Game Preview

·       Team/Player Notes

·       2009 Season Quotes

·       All-Time Playoff Game Summaries

·       Ravens in Our Community

·       How Ravens are Built

·       Depth Chart

·       Transactions

·       Game-by-Game Starters

·       Rosters

·       2009 Cumulative Statistics

Additionally, the 2009 Baltimore Ravens Media Guide can be downloaded at