Ask an Indianapolis Colts fan: Playoff Edition

Greetings and SERIOUS congratulations, Baltimore fans. Your Ravens did a magnificent job kicking the crap out of the Colts arch-rivals, the Patriots. It was the kind of performance that opens one's eyes to the devastating potential of this Ravens team and how they very much deserve to be in these playoffs.

Like in 2006, the old Baltimore team will face the new one for the right to move on in the AFC Championship Game. However, for this Indianapolis Colts fan, I'll say the 2009 Ravens and much better than the 2006 ones. Getting healthy and playing together at the right time make all the difference. The 2006 Colts showed that this was one formula for playoff success. Now, the Ravens look healthy and are playing together, as one, at the right time. For my Colts, I believe they are healthy, but they have not played together since December 17th at Jacksonville.

So, if momentum does indeed factor into winning playoff games, the Ravens have all of it. Thus, they seem to have an advantage. We shall see how the game pans out. It should be a great one.

Obviously, there is a lot of history between our cities, our franchises, and our fanbases. When our clubs meet in the post-season, it means something beyond the final boxscore. I'm here to answer any questions you may have about the Indianapolis Colts.I'll be joined by Stampede Blue writers shake n bake as well as readers and contributors over at the blog.

Looking forward to your questions. Please use the comments below.

Also, this is just a general FYI: While we may never agree on who is to "blame" for the Colts leaving Baltimore, we Indianapolis fans have always made an effort to appreciate the play of guys like John Unitas, Bert Jones, Raymond Berry, and John Mackey. Guys like Peyton Manning, Adam Vinatieri, Dwight Freeney, and Dallas Clark often refer to those players as their inspiration. And since he has been on our football team, we fans now know why you guys loved Matt Stover so much. The guy is seriously classy and professional. He keeps in tradition with what we expect from players who made their careers in Baltimore.

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