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Arrowhead Pride Profiles Ravens' Defense

This Sunday when the Baltimore Ravens host the Kansas City Chiefs, the Ravens will unleash their ferocious defense on the Chiefs, whose fans seem to think that the best way to beat the Ravens is to give us a heavy dose of running back Larry Johnson. The NFL's 2nd best run defense last season would welcome that gameplan, as no one has gotten over 100 yards on them since, well, since many of both teams' players weren't even on their teams (something like 30 games?)!

SB Nation's KC Chiefs' blog site, Arrowhead Pride, profiled the Ravens defense in a real solid two-part series and it is a comprehensive and very accurate description of what the new QB and possibly not completely healthy Matt Cassel can expect when he looks over his center at Ray Lewis and company. That is, unless the Chiefs play it smart and want to protect their expensive off season acquisition and avoid further punishment by starting backup Tyler Thigpen instead.

See the entire story by Matt Connor of Arrowhead Pride after the "Jump."



Arrowhead Pride is SB Nation's #1 NFL blog in terms of visits and blows away any other NFL blog in the network by the numbers, including unfortunately, Baltimore Beatdown. While we at The Beatdown believe that we'll take quality over quantity, AP has earned their reputation through incredible numbers and great content. They are averaging over 400,000 visits per month, easily tops among SB Nation's NFL team blogs!

So check out their take on our defense, feel free to visit AP, join and leave your comments supporting our Ravens and letting them know what they are in store for come this Sunday afternoon.

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