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Debating the Ravens Roster

The Baltimore Ravens, along with the rest of the NFL teams, pared their rosters down to 53 players by cutting a bunch of players and even making a trade with the Green Bay Packers for another. They are not finished yet, either, as they are looking at perhaps adding another wide receiver such as the former New York Giant Super Bowl hero, David Tyree, and even another offensive lineman.

Once the dust settles and players clear waivers, the team might choose to re-sign some of those cut to their Practice Squad, or sift through the remains of the rest of the league's cuts to add or reconfigure their roster as they prepare for the season opener next Sunday at home against the Kansas City Chiefs.

For now, there are a bunch of very happy members of the Baltimore Ravens although their status could change any moment as the Ravens peruse the waiver wire for possible additions at the last minute. At the same time, there are a bunch of disappointed former Ravens, who dreams and hopes of an NFL career are either temporarily or permanently dashed as of yesterday. I can only imagine the devastation the must be felt by the notification that you were being released after giving your heart and sweat to this sport for the opportunity to prove you belong in the NFL and then being told you didn't. Ouch

Let's put this in perspective. It's relatively doubtful that many of the guys who either just made the team or didn't will end up being that guy that puts us over the top. These guys are expected and should contribute, although there is still a chance that they will be made inactive for game days and be used as much for practice as the actual Practice Squad players will be. They guys who were locks are the heart and soul of this team and will be the ones who determine our success or god forbid, our failures over the course of the season.

Keep it here and post your comments on who you were happy they cut, who you are sad they cut, or who you hope they go out and either sign to our Practice Squad or pickup off of other teams' waivers.