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Ravens Set Offensive Record: Win 38-24

While it may not have been anywhere as easy as me and a lot of fans thought it might be, the Baltimore Ravens outscored the Kansas City Chiefs 38-24 berhind a record setting offense that churned out over 500 yards of total offense on the day.

Take away the poor blocked punt and the interception return by Kansas City, and my 30-10 prediction would not have been that far off. However, the Chiefs came to play and they made the Ravens prove the offense can win games for them as the defense could not stop Brodie Croyle and the KC offense when they needed to. However, at the end of the game they did what they needed to and while it was a lot closer than the final score indicated, the Ravens still covered the point spread.

Either way, the Ravens are still winners and starting the season with a victory is huge, as they travel to San Diego next week for what should be a tough game. Post your comments about the game and give credit to as tough effort by Kansas City, a team that did not look like the 2-14 team that most fans expected to see today.

So enjoy the win for a few days and let's start looking ahead to the Chargers next week.