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NFL Picks & Pans: Week 1

This is the day of the week that I will continue previous years' traditions of picking the NFL games of the weekend with a little tidbit about each one. From a betting angle, I will only be picking the game straight up, not against the spread. That's for you gamblers out there to try to do, which is why they call it "gambling." I pick what the teams only want to do and that is to "just win, baby!" So with out further cheesiness, here are my picks for week 1 of the 2009 NFL season (Home team in bold):

Colts over Jaguars: While lots of people are picking the Jags to rebound from their poor 2008 season, I think the loss of RB Fred Taylor will hurt them and Peyton will not disappoint the home field Indianapolis fans today.

(More NFL Picks after the "Jump")

Saints over Lions: 17 in a row and counting for Detroit as New Orleans is on a mission to make a run at the Super Bowl.

Buccaneers over Cowboys: My first Upset Special Pick of the Week! Dallas may be America's Team, but they're not my team, as Tampa Bay still has a defense and Byron Leftwich will lead them to the upset at home.

Bengals over Broncos: Carson Palmer is healthy and 85 has something to prove and will do so today while Denver will put points on the board behind Kyle Orton, but just not enough to win.

Texans over Jets: Welcome to the NFL Mark Sanchez, which is what Houston DE Mario Williams will be saying to him when he is getting off of him after another sack in their home victory.

Vikings over Browns: This is the first road team I've picked and it's against Cleveland. Gee, what a surprise to think that Minnesota's Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson will beat Brady Quinn and Jamal Lewis!

Falcons over Dolphins: Miami will find out what playing a first place schedule is like and they start by going to Altlanta to play Matt Ryan and his AFC South Champ's defending teammates.

Eagles over Panthers: Another victory for the road team, as Philly's revamped passing attack should be able to overwhelm Carolina's tough run game, and should get the turnovers necessary to ensure the win.

Giants over Redskins: Too tough of an opening game for Washington to go into New Jersey (?) and stop Eli and Brandon, despite big bad and rich Albert Haynesworth.

Cardinals over 49ers: The defending NFC Champs will have their way in the air against SF's poor pass rush.

Seahawks over Rams: A healhty Matt Hasselbeck will be just what the doctor ordered, in addition to the lowly St. Louis Rams, who are just another injury away from starting former Raven Kyle Boller at QB. Ouch, scary.

Packers over Bears: Great NFC North matchup to start the season but me thinks the Jay Cutler hype doesn't beat the Aaron Rodgers led passing offense that should rip apart the over-rated Chicago defense.

Patriots over Bills (Monday Night Football): We'll see how healthy Tom Brady is and if TO can jump-start the Buffalo offense. Either way, New England wins this one.

Chargers over Raiders (Monday Night Football): While Oakland is at home, any team run by the lunacy of Al Davis will not beat Phil Rivers, LT and Shawne Merriman, who finally gets to hit someone without getting arrested!

(NOTE: I'll pick the Ravens-Chiefs game in Sunday's post.)