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Welcome to the Hall of Fame, Rod Woodson

Former Baltimore Raven Rod Woodson gets his just due when he is inducted into Pro Football's Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio this afternoon. Woodson, who of course is much more well known as one of the hated Pittsburgh Steelers, played for the Ravens when they won Super Bowl 35 in 2001.

Woodson retired and sits at or near the top of the list of the best defensive backs of all time. His statisitics make a great case to actually be considered the best of them all at his position, even though he played safety for the Ravens while most of his career was spent at cornerback. Woodson was also named to the NFL's 75th Anniversary Team, after only seven years in the league, which is an amazing accomplishment. But was he the best defensive back of all time?

Larry Acker emailed me to give me the link to a story he wrote that he also posted under 'wolfpacksteelfan' over at SB Nation's Pittsburgh Steelers' site, 'Behind The Steel Curtain' (BTSC). It's a real good argument on Woodson's behalf. So, despite his Steelers pedigree, let's all join together as pure football fans to salute one of the greatest players of all time.

Check the story out here.