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Weekly Press Release: Ravens @ Panthers

The Baltimore Ravens travel down to North Carolina to play the Carolina Panthers in the third pre-season games for both teams Saturday night at 8 p.m.. Typically the third exhibition game is the one where the starters play the longest stretch of the game prior to the regular season beginning on September 13th, when the Ravens host the Kansas City Chiefs. The fourth exhibition game might give the starters only a series or two, as it is the final chance for those players on the bubble to earn those last few roster spots.

The Ravens have won both their contests so far this pre-season, while the Panthers have lost both their games to New York's Jets and Giants, ironically by the same 24-17 score. However, as we have all discussed here on The Beatdown, the pre-season means nothing in terms of winning or losing, as it is the barometer to see if you are ready for the games that will count in just a couple of weeks and who deserves to be a part of the final roster.

To see the entire Weekly Release from the PR Department of the Baltimore Ravens, click on the link below.

The Release includes contains the following information:

·       Game Preview

·       Quotes

·       Team/Player Notes

·       2008 Season Recap

·       Ravens in Our Community

·       Transactions

·       Depth Chart

·       Rosters

·       Statistics

Additionally, the 2009 Baltimore Ravens Media Guide can be downloaded at: