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Ravens Training Camp: Friday AM Edition


The Baltimore Ravens have three more days of camp remaining up at McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland before they head back to Owings Mills for the rest of the pre- and regular season. Today and Saturday are open to the public, but Sunday is closed to both the fans and media as it is a walk-thru for the exhibition game against the New York Jets on Monday Night.

Injury update: Guard Chris Chester is in shorts and his jersey but not practicing due to a right calf strain that is not serious but wrapped. Ed Reed is practicing and without the red (no contact) jersey.

QB Joe Flacco sets up behind his starting offensive line (from left to right): Jared Gaither, Ben Grubbs, Matt Birk, Marshall Yanda and rookie Michael Oher. If they stay healthy, that's a pretty impressive group which should protect our prized QB quite well.

Ray Rice lines up behind LeRon McClain in the backfield. In passing formations, Todd Heap is joined by WR's Derrick Mason, Demetrius Williams and Kelley Washington in three-wide sets.

Flacco pump fakes as D-Mase puts a double-move on Domonique Foxworth, leading to a long sideline completion. Then Joe throws a bullet to the sidelines that Mason makes a fingertip catch and tiptoes to stay in bounds.

Today's field goal competition continues to be neck and neck. Steven Hauschka hits from 35, 45 and 50 yards, but is wide right from 41 and short from 54. Similarly, Graham Gano is good from 35, 41, 45 and 50 but is wide right on his 54 yard attempt, although is definitely was long enough where Hauschka's was short.

After Justin Harper catches a short 5 yard TD reception, CB Chris Carr lightly bumps Derrick Mason, who falls to the ground feigning injury, screaming "Trainer, trainer!" Carr and Reed help him up, all three laughing but for a moment, it was not funny at all!

The kickers are practicing free kicks (Hauschka good from 60 yards!) as well as onsides kicks.

Long after practice is over and most players have finished interviews, autographs and headed to the locker room, Flacco is still on the field playing catch with a couple of little kids with lacrosse sticks. Finally, with fans still waiting and chanting his name, he begins to stroll over to the stands to sign autographs as the fans erupt with cheers.