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Are You Ready For Some Football? Week 1 NFL Lines

Let's take a break from the horror which has overwhelmed these pages the last few days - Michael Jackson's death. Oh wait, wrong blog, I meant the tragic shooting of Steve McNair. Now is the time to refocus ourselves on what we have been waiting for since the end of the AFC Championship Game in late January and fueled by the great NFL Draft that the Ravens had. Week One of the 2009 season is only around two months away, but I can almost smell the football weather out there, unless of course, that's my dogs under my feet!

Anyway, the early betting lines on the games that open the 2009 NFL season in week one have been released and there are really no surprises from a favorites' standpoint. The spreads may cause you to raise both eyebrows, or in Joe Flacco's case, one eyebrow!

Click on the "Jump" to see the league's scheduleand spread for Week One, including the third biggest spread of the week from your Baltimore Ravens in their home opener!

According to Brad Gagnon, who writes Goal Line Stand for, these will be the point spreads for the first weekend's games.

Tennessee @ Pittsburgh (-5)

Minnesaota (-3) @ Cleveland

New York Jets @ Houston (-4)

Dallas (-3) @ Tampa Bay

Detroit @ New Orleans (-11.5)

Denver @ Cincinnati (-3)

Miami @ Atlanta (-4)

Philadelphia @ Carolina (-1)

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis (-7)

St. Louis @ Seattle (-7)

Washington @ New York Giants (-6)

San Francisco @ Arizona (-6.5)

Chicago @ Green Bay (-3)

Buffalo @ New England (-10)

San Diego (-7) @ Oakland

Kansas City @ Baltimore (-9)

Click here to see the entire article and Brad's comments. What about your commnts on these games, spreads and the love being give our Ravens?