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Does Steve McNair Belong In the Hall of Fame?

In a poll from a recent story here on Baltimore Beatdown, voters overwhelmingly believe the answer to the above question is a resounding "Yes." However, many of the experts say that while he had a very good career, was a great guy and suffered a tragic death, his numbers do not necessarily earn him a spot in the hallowed halls of Canton. The Pro Fotball Hall of Fame is reserved for the very best, and many people think while McNair embodied everything a professional football player should be, that alone doesn't get him in.

I beg to differ and here's why: McNair's stats are arguably as good as some of the recent inductees to the Hall, including Troy Aikman, Warren Moon and even Steve Young.

Click on the "Jump" to see the comparisons.

Here's a look at how McNair compares career-wise with Aikman (inducted 2000), Moon (inducted 2000) and Young (inducted 1999):


McNair 161 4,544 2,733 31,304 174 119 669 3,590 37

Aikman 165 4,715 2,898 32,942 165 141 327 1,016 9

Moon 208 6,823 3,988 49,325 291 233 543 1,736 22

Young 169 4,149 2,667 33,124 232 107 722 4,239 42

While Warren Moon's stats are much higher, they were accomplished in over 40 more games and over 2,000 more attempts than McNair. However, both Aikman's and Young's stats are much closer to McNair's and compare favorably. The differences that stand out number-wise are the number of TD's that Young had compared to the other two and the rushing stats that Young has that even eclipsed McNair's excellent numbers.

The thing that separates Moon from McNair are just sheer career numbers and justifes Moon's inclusion in the Hall. However, the thing that separates both Aikman and Young from McNair are their three Super Bowl rings that each has won in their r4espective careers. That might be, and justly so, the only reason that Steve McNair does not get enough votes to be enshrined in Canton.

However, to many Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens' fans, he is already enshrined in their hearts as the consummate warrior and deserves to be strongly considered for pro football's highest honor.