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McNair's Death Leaves Four Fatherless Children

The untimely death of former NFL star QB Steve McNair has been felt by so many fans all over the place. However, the biggest void that will be left will be the lack of a father figure for his four boys who will need him the most as they grow and mature. While it was beginning to look like his marriage to his wife, Michelle, was either unraveling or basically over, they still would have had their father in their lives, but now his reported girlfriend stole that from their hearts and lives forever.

Kevin Blackstone, a writer who actually lives here in Maryland (Silver Spring) and has been a panelist on ESPN's Around The Horn, wrote an interesting and thought-provoking article for Fanhouse. Click here to read it.

POST NOTE: Police reports have released comments that McNair was hit by four shots. Three were to the torso, and fired from at least three feet away. The fourth, to the forehead, was at close range. The shot to the woman's head was fired from a contact position, meaning the gun was up against the head when fired. Details we may be able to do without, but makes the horrific scenerio more clear.