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Ravens Comment on McNair's Death

The aftershock of the reported murder of former Baltimore Ravens and Tennessee Titan QB Steve McNair continues to resonnate throughout the team as well as the league. So many comments have been posted all over the news, the internet and blogs such as Baltimore Beatdown and Music City Miracles (SB Nation Titans' blog). I decided to post a listing of a bunch of sites that have put comments made by current or former players who stepped on the field alongside of McNair as they went into battle with this consummate NFL warrior.

Click here to read what some of the Ravens players had to say on

Click here to read what Ravens' LT Jared Gaither says on his blog.

Click here to see ESPN talking with Ravens' WR Derrick Mason, who played ten seasons with McNair, eight in Tennessee and two in Baltimore.

Click here to read the LA Times article with comments from some of his former teammates and coaches.

Click here to read the Washington Post's article with comments from Ravens CB Samari Rolle, who also played with McNair in both Tennessee and Baltimore along with Mason, and Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome. As stated therein, Ray Lewis has had such a tough time dealing with the loss of his close friend that he has yet to publicly comment on the situation.

Feel free to post your thoughts and any other links with players comments who have played with McNair during their careers. Thanks.