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Drew Bennett Apparent Winner In Wide Receiver Tryout

Former Tennessee Titans wide receiver Drew Bennett is the apparent winner in today's tryout at the Baltimore Ravens Training Complex in Owings Mills, Maryland. Bennett, who last played for the St. Louis Rams in 2008, was one of reportedly four wideouts that were brought in to see if they still had what it takes to play in the NFL. The possibilitiy of Derrick Mason, the Ravens leading receiver in 2008, making his retirement official sparked the need to look elsewhere for help, despite the young players already on the team's roster seemingly willing to step up in his place.

Bennett was taken away after the tryout for a team physical, seemingly for taking the next step towards signing a contract to join the team in 2009 and possibly beyond. Many people said that the team needed WR help even long before Mason made his surprising retirement announcement shortly after the death of one of his best friend and former teammate on the Titans and Ravens, Steve McNair..

Bennett is 30 years old and although he didn't make an impact on the Rams the last two years, is a tall target (6'5") and had a great season in 2004 when he caught over 80 passes for well over 1,000 yards in Tennessee. His size and hands could be a welcome addition to the Ravens, although their younger players waiting in the wings (Demetrius Williams, Marcus Smith, Justin Harper) have to be dismayed at this news. Bennett will still have to prove in Training Camp beginning next week, that he deserves to start ahead of those guys, and alongside of Mark Clayton. At the same time, if Derrick Mason does change his mind and decides to return for his 13th NFL season, then Clayton and Bennett will fight it out to see who is the #2 or #3 wideout on the depth chart.

Things just got a little more interesting in Ravens camp. See my earlier post this week comparing Drew Bennett's stats with the other players that the Ravens were looking at.

Post Publish Note: The Ravens have signed Drew Bennett to the veteran minimum salary, according to and the Carroll County Times .Click here to see the story. In addition, the two other wide receivers brought in for the tryout were Chris Hannon and Justin Brown (neither of whom I could find any info on at