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Ray Lewis Speaks at Steve McNair's Funeral Service

Baltimore Ravens star linebacker Ray Lewis was one of the speakers who eulogized former teammate QB Steve McNair at his funeral yesterday. He spoke so eloquently, reminding so many why his motivational rants and dances drive the Ravens and their fans into a frenzy before every game during the season. He spoke like a friend, and might have a future if he ever decides to join the priesthood.

Lewis spoke to McNair's four boys directly about the pride they should have for their father and effortlessly switched from seriousness to joking through his seven minute speech. The funeral was attended by a large crowd which included family, friends, teammates and other NFL people, including fellow-Mississippian Brett Favre. Other NFL attendees included McNair's coach on the Tennessee Titans, Jeff Fisher, Chicago Bears' QB Jay Cutler, and former NFL QB and the first African American QB to win a Super Bowl, Doug Williams.

To see and listen to the video on, click here.