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McNair's Story Turning "Darker"

The "story" behind the story of Former NFL star QB Seve McNair's horrific murder-suicide has taken another turn for the worse. Thinking the majority of the story was over after finding out the specifics of the shooting and after the impressive Memorial Service this week, we hopefully expected the news to run out and this man could have just been left to rest in peace. Not so, apparently, after now a second woman has surfaced that reportedly had as long as a six year affair with McNair. According to The New York Daily News, McNair had an on-again, off-again six year affair with an exotic dancer from Minnesota, unbeknownst to his wife, as well as what was found to be his current girlfriend.

To see the story from Fanhouse, click here. Otherwise, let's remember him for why we respected him in the first place - for what he acomplished ON the field, not off of it.