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What's Going On In Baltimore?

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With summer finally starting up, we get closer and closer to the beginning of the 2009-2010 NFL season. This time can sometimes be a rather "dead" period for the NFL because there is not too much to talk about. But as many of us have been debating who some of the greatest all-time Ravens are or the most exciting player in the NFL, there have been some rather important news flowing right under our noses. Here are a few of the more interesting events that have unfolded recently.

  • Sporting News has recently come out with a list of the top 20 offensive coordinators in the NFL. When I first saw the headline for this story, I expected to see the Colts', Patriots', Saints', etc. offensive coordinators in the top 5. Those are some of the most dangerous offenses in the league, yet not one of those teams were even in the top 20! What I was not surprised about was that our very own, Cam Cameron, received the number 1 spot. Sporting News had this to say about Cam. "Being innovative is only part of the job. Putting your best players in a position to be successful is another. Cameron, despite his reputation taking a beating in his one year in Miami, is a great coach who took a Division I-AA quarterback and turned him into a productive NFL starter as a rookie."
  • In addition to this, there have been other stories out there regarding the ranks of people within the Raven's organization such as thescore's breakdown of the offensive and defensive players of the decade, where lead writer Brad Gagon selected Ray Lewis as the defensive player of the decade.
  • Wide Receiver has been the hottest topic of the offseason so far for Baltimore. So, would it surprise anyone that Quarterback, Troy Smith, has lined up at WR recently? 
  • Outside Linebacker, Terrell Suggs, is still absent from team workouts this week, but this has allowed second round pick, Paul Kruger step up in the spot of "hybrid" defensive player. Kruger has shown glimpses of flash during his time in the position, but it has been said that he is having a rough time trying to get by left tackle, Jared Gaither.
  • With Haloti missing OTA's, starting nose tackle Kelly Gregg has come back to being his old "Buddy Lee" self. At one point last season, there was talk that Gregg may not even be able to play football again because of his knee injury. Now, Gregg says that he is at 100% and is a frequent pressence at team headquarters in Owings Mills. Ngata has returned officially to practice though after going back to school to earn his degree.
  • It is looking that come August, we will not be seeing some of the familiar faces we usually see in the secondary. With the Ravens signing Free Agents Dominique Foxworth and Chris Carr while retaining Samari Rolle for the primary back-up role, we may see a few guys leave before opening day against the Chiefs. At this point it is most likely safe to say that besides the starters, Rolle, Carr, Walker and 3rd round pick Lardarious Webb will make the squad. The battle looks like it falls between guys like Evan Oglesby, Anwar Phillips and Derrick Martin. Since many of our main guys have been out with injuries through this period of the offseason, this should give these guys all the opportunities to show the coaches that they can be a part of this great defense. However, it is a business and keeping 9 Cornerbacks on the 53 man roster does not happen in this league.
  • 6th round pick Tight End, Davon Drew, signed a three year contract. As glad as I am to have Drew be the first draft pick to sign a contract, does it seem a little strange with us having Heap, Smith, Sypnewski and Jones still at the position? First round draft pick Michael Oher and the Ravens are still in negotiation process.

The offseason may be a little slow, but we should be sure that right now the Front Office, Players and Coaches are all doing their parts to ensure that we put together the best 53 man roster possible.