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Ravens Seem To Agree With Baltimore Beatdown About WR Marcus Smith

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Back on June 19th, I posted an interview I had with Baltimore Ravens second year wide receiver Marcus Smith. We spoke about his level of confidence comparison between last year, his rookie season, and where he stands today entering his second year as a Raven. Just in case you live under a rock and didn't read and/or listen to it here on Baltimore Beatdown, click here to check it out.

Mike Duffy, content writer for, wrote a short article on what appears to be Smith's increasing role in the team's plans for 2009. You can read it by clicking here. While Smith looks to be taking the next step in the Ravens' gameplan, he already told me basically the same thing when I interviewed him after the Ravens final OTA/Passing Camp back on June 9th. It's good to know that Marcus is in the Ravens' thoughts for this coming season, which to me is oneof the primary reasons they felt they didn't need to add that big name wideout in the NFL Draft nor though free agency this past off season.

Look for big things out of Marcus Smith in 2009, making me a pretty good predictor in adding to the list of good things happening to the Baltimore Ravens this year!