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Ravens' Strongest Player?

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Mike Duffy of put up a cool story of the Baltimore Ravens second annual competition to find out which player on their roster deserves the title as "Ravens' Strongest Player." The "strongman-style" competition, breaks down the players by offense and defense, then again by weight group.  The linemen are in one group, then the linebackers, running backs and tight ends, followed by the defensive backs, wide receivers and quarterbacks.

The results were surprising, and while last year's winner did indeed repeat overall on his side of the ball, he was actually upset in his own weight class by a much smaller and lesser known Raven. Linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo won the overall competition for the defense, although he was beaten out in his weight group by running back Jalen Parmele! Bryan Mattison, son of Ravens' Defensive Coordinator Greg Mattison, took top honors on the offense. In the three individual weight groups, while Parmale won the "middleweight" category, with Ayanbadejo finishing second, tight end Isaac Smolko came in third. Among the "heavyweights," Mattison won, followed by LB Paul Kruger and DE Will Johnson. In the "lightweight" category, Baltimore Beatdown favorite, safety Haruki Nakamura took top honors, trailed closely by fellow safety Tom Zbikowski and former Maryland Terrapin WR Isaiah Williams. There were six specific drills they competed in to gauge the results in the weight classes.

Clcik here to get the link to Duffy's interesting story with full results on the Ravens' team site.