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Baltimore Ravens' All-Time Defense

Coming off yesterday's posting of the Baltimore Ravens All-Time Offense, this is my feeble attempt to do the same thing with the Ravens vaunted defense over the years. This side of the ball is where the team has made its mark, so it is actually tougher as there are many more choices and qualified selections at most positions. Since these articles were written back-to-back, although posted on different days, I'm not too sure how much criticism I've already received for the offense, but the defense is sure to bring out the beasts in all of you. With that in mind, here's my picks:

DE: Michael McCrary: Dude had a non-stop motor and earned everything he got. (2nd team: Terrell Suggs)

DT: Haloti Ngata: While still young, this guy is the most disruptive force inside we've ever had. (2nd team: Sam Adams- sorry Goose)

OLB: Adalius Thomas: He could do so much all over the field and would have done even better if he'd have stayed in Baltimore. (2nd team: Peter Boulware- sorry Bart)

ILB: Ray: Just the first name will do fine, thank you very much. (2nd team: Edgerton Hartwell)

CB: Chris McAlister: As much as you love to hate him, he was as close to a shutdown corner as we've ever had, except against Cincinnati and Indianapolis. (2nd team: Samari Rolle- sorry Neon)

S: Ed: Once again, the guys from the "U" need no second name. (2nd team: Rod Woodson)

KR: Jermaine Lewis: Little man from Maryland could burn it up and the memory of him running down the sidelines in the Super Bowl with his finger pointing towards his son in heaven still gives me chills. (2nd team: Patrick Johnson)

That's my list, now make me look bad by bringing up names that I missed!