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Baltimore Ravens' All-Time Offense

Here's a great topic to debate all week long. This is my shot at listing the all-time top players on the Baltimore Ravens at each offensive position. I'll pick my first and second teamers and then expect a lot of discussion and commentary from all of you fans. This will be based on the players at the top of their games, whether or not they played one season or their entire career with the Ravens. If they played, then they're eligible to be on this list. I know I'll probably overlook a player or two and I'm equally sure someone will call me to the carpet on it. So let's get to it:

QB: Vinny Testeverde- Vinny had some pretty solid passing years in early Ravens history. He also threw a bunch of interceptions but many times he was just trying to either keep us in the game or bring us back from a deficit when he threw those picks. (2nd team: Joe Flacco-sorry Trent Dilfer).

RB: Jamal Lewis- This is an easy one as he had one of the best seasons in NFL history breaking the single game record and almost getting the single season record as well. (2nd team: Priest Holmes)

FB: Lorenzo Neal: Still has a lot in the tank and many fans are disappointed he didn't fit into the team' plans this year. (2nd team: Le'Ron McClain)

WR: Michael Jackson: Big guy with great hands and decent speed who caught a lot of balls from Vinny. (2nd team: Derrick Mason)

TE: Todd Heap: Despite his recent struggles, he is the leader at this position. (2nd team: Shannon Sharpe)

LT: Jonathan Ogden: Duh. (2nd team: Jared Gaither)

RT: Orlando Jones: Zeus was a beast but really faltered at the end. (2nd team: Willie Anderson)

LG: Edwin Mulitalo: Coined the words, "Festivus Maximus." (2nd team: Ben Grubbs)

RG: Wally Williams: He did play RG, right? (2nd team: Jeff Blackshear?)

C: Mike Flynn: Captained the o-line for the Super Bowl year. (2nd team: Jason Brown)

PK: Matt Stover: Original Raven from Cleveland. (2nd team: Graham Gano-hopefully)

P: Dave Zastudil: Was the only Ravens punter to ever be drafted, in the 4th round. (2nd team: Kyle Richardson-sorry Sam Koch).

Let the debate begin! (NOTE: All-Time Defense tomorrow)