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Baltimore Ravens Longest Plays

During what appears to be one of the quieter times of this off season, we'll take a look around the internet at what is out there about our Ravens. Over at the team's home page,, there is a link to their all time longest plays in a bunch of categories. Some of the results are pretty interesting in their history, and most of them will bring back some fond memories of great plays by great players. Here some tidbits:

Longest Rush From Scrimmage: While Le'Ron McClain's 82 yard TD jaunt against the Cowboys last season was a game clincher, he just tied former Raven Jamal Lewis, who also has four of the next fve longest runs in Ravens history, with the only other Raven up there being Willis McGahee's 77 yard TD run in that same incredible Dallas game last season.

Longest Pass From Scrimmage: We all should remember that game breaking 96 yard TD pass from Trent Dilfer to Shannon Sharpe in the 2001 AFC Championship that sent the Ravens on their way to a Super Bowl victory over the New York Giants in the Super Bowl a week later. Joe Flacco got his name on the list at numbers 14 & 15, with two 70 yard TD passes last season, one each to Mark Clayton and Demetrius Williams.

Longest Punts: While certainly not the most exciting plays, this category is notable as the top two distances belong to the Ravens current punter, Sam Koch. Koch blasted punts of 74 and 67 yards last season, and should be mentioned as one of the leagues best punters right now.

Longest Interception Returns: There is no surprise here, as Ed Reed has the top two on the list at 108 and 106 yards, and while his 64 yard interception return for a touchdown in the 2009 playoff game at Miami was nowhere near the longest, it sure is up there excitement-wise.

Longest Fumble Returns: The top of this list is surprising because you would think a fleet footed DB would lead this category, but uh-uh, no way. Defensive tackle Kelly Gregg leads the way with a 59 yard return against the Oakland Raiders in 2006. This was not a TD, as Gregg ran out of gas and was pulled down from behind just short of the goal line. However, Adalius Thomas did bring one back 57 yards for six points that same year versus the Steelers.

Some interesting names on the lists of longest plays. Check it out by clicking on the link above to see more.