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US Navy's Blue Angels

This may be totally unrelated to anything on football or the Baltimore Ravens, but it does bear posting. If you have any sense of patriotism in you, you will be so impressed with what I saw yesterday up close on the Severn River near Annapolis, Maryland.

The US Navy's Blue Angels stunt flying team perfrom a 45 minute demonstration prior to tomorrow's Naval Academy Commencement Ceremonies. During this demo, they do everything from low level fly-by's to what looks to be a game of "chicken" where they turn sideways at the last second. The jets can go as fast as 1400 MPH, but usually do not exceed 700 MPH on this day. It is so fast that some of the photos and videos I took showed nothing as I missed the shot completely. The sound was deafening at times as they flew around 500 feet right above us. Check out the YouTube video I posted by clicking here.

Also, check out these photos that don't do the day justice, as there must have been thousand's of boats anchored all around us during this demonstration. If you ever get a chance to experience this in person, I highly recommend it.


Img_2336_medium  Img_2323_medium