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NFL Transactions: Your Baltimore Ravens & Around the League

The Baltimore Ravens have had a busy 2009, from the beginning of the new year through last weekend's draft, all the undrafted free agents and Rookie Camps. We certainly know that they are not finished bringing in players for filling out their roster, but here is who they've brought in, other than this past weekend's draft and undrafted free agent signings:

WR: Justin Harper, Ernie Wheelwright, Edward Williams (who?)

TE: Isaac Smolko (look out, Todd Heap!), LJ Smith

RB: Matt Lawrence (who?)

G: Brian Johnson (who?)

OT: Joe Reitz, Tre Stallings (yawn)

DE: Brian Mattison (D-Coordinator's son?)

CB: Anwar Phillips, Domonique Foxworth, Chris Carr, Samari Rolle (All solid)

C: Matt Birk (yea!)

LB: Ray Lewis (double-yea!)

QB: Todd Bouman (Todd, better keep an eye out for rookie Drew Willy!)

So, while the Ravens have been pretty busy this off season, here's what some other teams around the league have done in the past few days:

Dolphins: Released QB John Beck (guess that experiment never panned out).

Steelers: Sign QB's Kevin McCabe & Matt Reilly (along w/ Charlie Batch, Pittsburgh better pray hard that Big Ben stays healthy!). Pittsburgh also signed long snapper Mark Estermeyer to replace the recently released Jared Rekofsky. Rekofsky was in a motorcycle accident recently and since he's no Ben Roethlisberger, the Steelers had little patience for his stupidity!

Cardinals: Released Edgerrin James (had a great career and will probably find a home shortly).

Broncos: Signed former Ravens LB Nick Greisen (we wish him luck!).

Bengals: Sign WR Quan Cosby, Texas Longhorns (sorry, no relation to the Jello Pudding man, Bill!).

BREAKING NEWS!!! The Detroit Lions sign Boldin! Wait....oh....nevermind...they signed Demir Boldin (any relation to Anquan?).