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Ravens Willie Anderson Retires

According to the Baltimore Ravens, veteran right tackle Willie Anderson has been placed on the reserve/retired list this afternoon, it was announced by Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome.

This means one or two things. The Ravens needed the cap space to sign their rookies and perhaps another free agent or two (Kelley Washington?). Also, it now looks like Adam Terry and rookie Michael Oher will fight it out for the starting right tackle position. Oher may actually have the advantage over Adam, as Terry may be more valuable as a reserve based on his ability to play both right or left tackle. Even though Oher was a left tackle in college, learning one specific position willl be hard enough in the pros rather than having to count on covering both sides of the offensive line. However, don't be surprised if Terry starts the season at right tackle, although Oher is sure to take over before the season is too old.

Either way, it looks like Anderson was a one year stop gap measure for the Ravens. He played a valuable role for the one year, and was a welcome addition after being released by the Cincinnati Bengals earlier last summer. He could have been an excellent mentor for the rookie Oher. On behalf of all Ravens fans we thank him for his service and wish him the best of luck in his future.

Post Note: Anyone know what his retirement will cost against the '09 cap? I know he signed a three year, $11 million contract last August, but don't know what the signing bonus was, although is was probably around $3-4 million.