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Top Ten Ravens Plays of 2008

The NFL Network did a Top Ten List of the Baltimore Ravens best plays from the 2008-09 season and I thought I'd recap them for you and see what you thought of them and their order. Here they are:

10. Haloti Ngata's tip and diving interception against the Houston Texans. Pretty decent mobility for such a huge guy, as he had two interceptions (unreal for a DT!) in 2008.

9.  Troy Smith's pass to Joe Flacco against the Raiders. If Joe could have just stayed on his feet, he would have had a TD!

8.  Willis McGahee's 77 yard TD run at Dallas when the Cowboys thought they were getting back in the game. Great run for Willis, as he was under scrutiny for his recent negative comments about his playing time and this certainly quieted that up for a while.

7.  Mark Clayton's TD pass to Derrick Mason in Cincinnati. Mason was wide open and the Bengals bit hard on the end around.

6.  Joe Flacco's 47 yard TD pass to a diving Clayton versus Cleveland. Might have been the start of the long Flacco-to-Clayton passes in 2008.

5.  Flacco's 38 yard TD jaunt on opening day, cementing him as a fan favorite right off the bat. Gee, that run seemed to take forever, didn't it?

4.  LeRon McClain's 82 yard TD run, the longest in Texas Stadium's history that put the nail in the coffin for the Cowboys' game. The sight of his stiff-arm to Ken Hamlin was just great!

3.  Ed Reed's 64 yard interception return for a TD in the first round of the playoffs in Miami. To me, this was the top play of the season, as it was in the post season and was classic Reed!

2.  Clayton's one handed catch of a 70 yard TD pass from Flacco against the Bengals. Gee, Cincy really sucked last year, didn't they?

1.  Reed's 108 yard interception return for the TD against the Eagles and Kevin Kolb, making Philly coach Andy Reid decide that benching Donovan McNabb was, on second thought, a pretty bad idea. See YouTube Clip here.

What say you on this list?