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With The 26th Pick In The FanIQ NFL Mock Draft, The Baltimore Ravens Select...

UNC WR Hakeem Nicks
UNC WR Hakeem Nicks

This story was posted as part of a Mock Draft by the website, FanIQ. They sent an email to both myself and MaLoR, asking us to put together three paragraphs: What were our team's needs, who were we looking at and who'd we take? Both MaLoR and I had pretty much the same thought and we both were taking Hakeem Nicks with the 26th pick. However, it was still a tough one for me, since Illinois CB Vontae Davis was still on the board. At the same time, as good as Vontae was, we really shored up our CB depth in free agency with the signings of Domonique Foxworth and Chris Carr, and the re-signing of Samari Rolle. Therefore, I went with the guy I've been touting for the past month. Hopefully the Ravens will do the same this Saturday.

While I realize that Ozzie may not necessarily subscribe to my thought process (and why not?), the thought of seeing Nicks overlooked by the Ravens and taken by one of our rivals will have me regurgitating every time I see him step on the field against us.

That said, here is the narrative of my pick from their site. Check it out and you'll see how I nailed my write-up!