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SB Nation's Mock Draft - Podcast by Yahoo! Sports' Shutdown Corner

The sharp guys over at Yahoo! Sports NFL Blog, Shutdown Corner, did an audio version of the entire first round of SB Nation's Mock Draft. They had all the NFL bloggers call in and leave their pick on a voice mail. Then they taped a "virtual" show, where they were the analysts and used the voice mails to announce the picks. Next they did a full commentary on each pick after each blogger announced it, just like Mel Kiper and the guys do it for real. It came out pretty good for a first run. You can click here to listen to it, and although it is around 90 minutes long, perhaps you'll want to skip up to my pick at #26 for ther Baltimore Ravens. You'll find the beginning commentary leading up to the pick at around 1:09 into the piece, with my pick and narrative at 1:10:30. The post-pick commentary on my selection of UNC WR Hakeem Nicks was that they wondered aloud that if Nicks did not have that incredible bowl game, would he even be considered a top wideout? They also mentioned that he scored an 11 on his Wonderlic, but noted that the entire wide receiver class did relatively poorly on the test.

 So head on over to Shutdown Corner, which also keeps regular tabs on SB Nation's NFL blogs as well.