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Who would you take between these guys in Round 2 of the NFL Draft?

In an earlier post, I wrote about who the Ravens should take in the second round. Well, over at Mocking The Draft, a SB Nation blog dedicated to the draft, all the lead bloggers of SB Nation are conducting our own 2 round mock draft. We are coming up to the Ravens pick and I am looking at the following thre guys to try to decide between:
Phil Loadholt (OT), Jairus Byrd (CB) and Fili Moala (DT). I know Moala is Haloti's cousin, but don't be swayed by that, as we have him, Gregg, and Bannan firmly entrenched and Moala would only be situational as a player. Byrd could be the dime back right off and move to nickel in case of injuries. Loadholt would be a reserve and surely move into a backup or starter in a year or so. See my earlier post with more information about each guy by clicking here. So which guy do you all like and if none of them, then who. Take a leap over to Mocking the Draft by clicking here to check out what's transpired so far and who is still on the board. If you scroll down their page to the sidebar on the right, you'll see every team and their selection up until this point.