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Brett Favre Signs with Ravens

An emotional Brett Favre says goodbye to the Packers during Thursday press conference.

In a move similar to last season's change of heart, seemingly retired former Packers and Jets QB Brett Favre has signed a one year contract with the Baltimore Ravens. In a tearful press conference, Favre sobbed while repeatedly saying he had made a mistake once again and believes he has a couple more years of football left in his body. Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said he would hold an open competition between Favre and second year pro, Joe Flacco. When contacted for a comment, Flacco said he would love to learn from one of the best and welcomed the competition.

Transcript of Brett Favre's press ...

Favre stated his reason was the same thing as last year, when he supposedly retired from the Green Bay Packers but had a change of heart and signed with the Jets when the emotions faded away and the thought of having to stay at home with his wife and family every weekend instead of playing ball with his boys and carousing with cheap and easy women in every city they visited. "Baltimore is a great town and has a lot to offer a good ol' country boy with a lot of time and money on his hands," Favre was heard whispering to Flacco. "Stick with me, kid, and I'll show you how to take over a town and grow your facial hair, including that hairy thing across your forehead" he continued quietly as Flacco smiled and nodded.

Favre's #4 Baltimore Ravens jerseys go on sale today at all Wal-Marts.