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Rumors of The Ravens Bringing in Holt or Harrison

It is just rumors right now, but ESPN's rumor central has said that we are supposedly looking at the 32 and/or 36 year old WR's to become part of our team.

Not to sure how I fell about Harrison, cause he definitely showed last year that he has lost some of his abilities.

However, I think Holt would be a welcomed addition to our team. Sure, we would be looking at 2 WR's in their mid 30's with Mason along side, but it could only help develop some of our younger guys. Holt has been one of the best at stretching the field since he has come in this league and I feel that Mason has the most reliable hands in this league. Those two together could not only teach whichever rookie Wideout we decide to bring in here, if we do, but our other guys, Clayton, D-Will, Yamon, and Marcus Smith how to all to be that down field threat while also being that guy to catch the short yardage passes.

What do you all think of having someone like Marvin Harrison or Torry Holt in Purple and Black next season?