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We Still Need A WR

Everyone here knows that the Ravens need an upgrade at WR. It's no secret.

What we also know is that the pickings are slim in FA, and adding a rookie WR, is risky, at best. It is asking a lot of a rookie to come in and contribute immediately. Most young WR's have a 2-3 year learning curve, and this is if they ever pan out.

In a perfect world we would add a big fast stud WR who can stretch the D to open up the running game, and who is a big target in the red zone. Unfortunately, there are only a dozen or so guys who fit this description and are young enough to be paired with Flacco for the next 5+ years.

Of course, it won't be easy to get one of these stud WR's, as we all have surely noticed from the huge bounty of picks the Cowboys traded for Roy Williams, as well as the Card's similar asking price for Boldin.

To make one of these deals worth it, we need a true #1, who is still young. Other then Boldin I can think of one player who would fit....

Braylon Edwards.

Now lets forget for a second that the chances of the Browns dealing him to a division rival are slim to none, and focus on the reasons why a deal like this could happen...

  • Braylon has not been a fan favorite in Ohio after leading the league in drops, so his value has taken a hit.
  • Braylon has also said that he does not feel welcomed there, and will not resign after his contract expires at the end of next season.
  • In order to get something for him before he walks, the Browns should be willing to move him
  • With Mangini as their new coach, the Browns are turning over the roster to get a fresh start.

Some of you may be saying, "Braylon sucks, he dropped that bomb that would have gone for a TD against us." I agree he did not inspire much confidence last season but there are many reasons why he would be a good fit.

  • He has tremendous speed and size (6'3" 215, 4.40 forty), a rare combination.
  • His troubles last year were almost surely mental as evidenced by his Monster season in 2007. He will bounce back.
  • Some of his troubles can be chalked up to playing for the Browns...I mean who wouldn't want to get the hell out of there?
  • He is young, just turned 25, and could be paired with Flacco for the next 8 years or so, to form one of the leagues most dangerous QB/WR connections.

I'm a realist and know that the odds of this are happening are very low, but wanted to throw it out there for all those clamoring for an upgrade at WR. I'd be willing to give up a first for Braylon, and maybe add a late round pick as well, pending we can sign him to an extension.

What do you guys think?