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Ravens 2009 Preseason Schedule

The Baltimore Ravens have officially announced their schedule for the 2009 Preseason. These four wonderful and always exciting games that show us what our rookies, 2nd year, and undrafted guys can do have finally been laid out for us to prepare for. 

M&T Bank Stadium will play host to the first and second games, then we hit the road for the final two. Here is what the schedule looks like come the 2nd week of August as summer winds down.

Week 1: (Thursday, Aug. 13) 7:30 p.m. vs Washington Redskins

Week 2: (Monday, Aug. 24) 8:00 p.m. vs New York Jets (National Television, ESPN)

Week 3: (Between Aug. 27-30) Time TBD at Carolina Panthers

Week 4: (Thursday, Sept. 3) Time TBD at Atlanta Falcons

Looks like we are certainly starting the season off with a bang by playing our Maryland neighbors in Week 1 then having a nice welcome back party (NOT!) for Rex Ryan and what seems like half of our 2008 team on primetime TV!

Then we make our way on down to the south to face the NFC South champions, the Carolina Panthers. Last stop is in Atlanta where maybe we will get to see last year's only 2 first round selected QB's Matt Ryan and our very own, Joe Flacco total 6 passes all together.

Can't wait! Can you?