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NFL Looks To Lengthen Regular Season

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is looking to drop one or two exhibition games in exchange for adding them onto the regular season. That would make the season anywhere from 17 to 18 games, instead of the current 16, which was extended back in 1978 from 14 games.

His plan would likely have the teams play either two or three pre-season games, take a week off, and then start the regular season. The season would consist of either 17 or 18 games, extending the playoffs and Super Bowl by a couple of weeks into the second week of February. The thought process is that the exhibition games are no real benefit to the majority of players and the fans certainly do not enjoy either watching nor paying the same price for the pre-season as they do for the regular season games.

Of course, there is a question of would it result in a price increase for the fans, even though the total number of games would not change. Also, how would the record books be re-written with the additional games? These were also questions back in 1978 when the regular season was extended from 14 to 16 games and the pre-season was reduced from a ridiculous six games to four. Most teams don't even play their starters for more than a series or two the last exhibition game or two, so to reduce that would be a great benefit to most of us, although those players on the bubble to make the roster will just have to prove their worth in Training Camp rather than against outside competition. Of course this would all not change the upcoming 2009 season but would go into effect for the 2010 season.

What do you think of this proposal, and should just one game be added or two?