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Wonderlic Scores Are Outed!

Most, if not all the players in the upcoming April NFL Draft have taken the Wonderlic Test, which supposedly shows an aptitude for the level of intelligence needed to become a solid NFL player. For years, the scores were kept private and this year was suposed to be no different. However, from whoever released them, we have the scores of some of the probable first round picks.

Remember, this is a 50 question test and you get one point for each correct answer. So without further delay, here are the reported scores of key players by position:


Matthew Stafford: 38

Mark Sanchez: 28

Josh Freeman: 27

(Note: Last year, Matt Ryan scored a 32 and Joe Flacco got a 27.)


Jeremy Macklin Missouri): 25

Michael Crabtree (Texas Tech): 15

Darius Heyward-Bey (Maryland): 14

Percy Harvin (Florida): 12

Hakeem Nicks (North Carolina): 11


Clay Matthews (USC): 27

Brian Cushing (USC): 25

Rey Maualaga (USC): 12


Kevin Barnes (Maryland): 41

I guess that the wideouts will not have to learn a huge playbok, just "go long!" Interesting to see how the USC LB trio did, and proud to see the top score listed here is Terps cornerback Kevin Barnes, who made his name on YouTube for his gut-emptying hit on Cal's Jahvid Best.