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NFL Players Who Need To Grow Up!

The following is a short list of current NFL players who by all rights should be very happy to get paid an incredible boatload of money to play a game, and just shut up and deal with their egos and hurt feelings:

Jay Cutler - Wah! Someone talked about trading me, while I'm just as good as John Elway! Wah! My feelings are hurt so I want to be traded somewhere else where I'll be appreciated. Wah!

Julius Peppers - Awww,...$17 million a year not enough, you need to be traded to the Patriots as well?

Shaun Rogers - You made the Pro Bowl in Cleveland! Enjoy your years near the bottom of the AFC North!

Terrell Owens - of course he just has to be on the list. How did he come by his #81 when someone already had it on the Buffalo Bills? Hmmm...

Donte' Stallworth - Killed a pedestrian in Florida while driving drunk? Buh-bye for a long time!

Chad Johnson - Wants to be traded but no other team seems to place a high value on a guy who only seems to think about himself and more about his TD celebrations than his teammates who got him there.

Donovan McNabb - So what, Andy Reid thought you were playing horrible in the Baltimore game, so he benched you. Deal with it and stop throwing so many interceptions!

Brett Favre - Pretty please, we all beg you to stay retired this time and no more whiny, crying press conferences.

Tony Gonzalez - Too bad you want to be traded to a contender, as you should have thought of that when you were a lot younger and a free agent.

LT - See any coincidence between the un-typical LT seasons you've had since you lost your FB Lorenzo Neal? Hmmm...

Derek Anderson/Brady Quinn - You both want to start? Fine, then play that much better than the other guy and earn it, instead of just thinking you can do all those commercials and just be handed the job!

Matt Jones - A little legal problem gets him arrestd and cut? Awww!

Samari Rolle - What, $4.1 million wasn't worth it unless you could be a starter?

Hank Baskett - How come no one wants him other than former Hugh Hefner girlfriend, Kendra Wilkerson?

Kyle Boller - How come no one wants me? Anyone? Hello?