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It's NCAA Hoops Tournament Time!

Yeah, I know this is an NFL football blog on all things Baltimore Ravens, but this is one of the best times of the year. College hoops all day long for the next four days, then great games the next two weeks leading up to the Final Four, followed by the start of baseball season. Ahhh,....spring is in the air. The NFL has started their OTA's and soon comes the NFL Draft in late April.

For now, our attention may slightly turn away from football (what!?) and to college basketball. Of course many of the Ravens fans are also Maryland Terrapins fans and will root for the #10 seed Terps to upset the 7th seed California Golden Bears, which is  a distinct possibility. If they're good enough to get by Cal, then they will have the honor of playing the #2 team in the country, Memphis, in round two and should then be able to watch the rest of the Tourney from the comfort of their living room couches along with the rest of us. No, I'm not a Terp-hater, just a realist.


The football connection of this post today will be the following: Which current Ravens would make good hoops players? We know that LT Jared Gaither was recruited for basketball as well as a football due to his 6'9" frame. Duh! But who else and why? Perhaps it might be Ed Reed as a point guard or Ngata as a power forward (look out below!)? Have some fun and post your thoughts. Also, today is the last chance to get your picks in as a member of the Beatdown's team as we take on the Redskins fans in Comcast SportsNet's Bracket Challenge 2009. Just click on the ad between stories here on the Beatdown to sign up with us. See prior post for further directions. Good luck and...


PS- ESPN did a Bracketology with President Obama. I love that they called it "Barack-etology!"