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Jets Defense Becoming "Ravens North?"

I don't think so! Many so-called NFL experts have said that the migration of defensive players formerly of the Baltimore Ravens that followed former Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan to the New York Jets will turn them into a replica of the defense that made Baltimore one of the league's best over the past nine years. They base this opinion on the recent signings of LB Bart Scott, S Jimmy Leonhard and probably, although not officially signed CB Corey Ivy.
Ryan says he will bring the same style of what was known as "Organized Chaos" to New York, and some sports talk hosts have even said they will one of the best defenses in the NFL righ off the bat.
Not so fast, says me. Just because you sign a couple of good players off the #2 defense in the league, one who played in the shadow and benefited from the best MLB in the league, one who only got his chance through injury, and a possible third who only played in obvious passing situations does not a top defense make. Sure, these guys will help and the leadership and defensive system will probably improve the Jets defense, but to automatically place them near the top of the league is absolutely ridiculous. There also is a thing called chemistry that make a huge difference, as does actually having the players to succeed in whatever system you install.
Ryan can bring his defensive playbook, schemes and whomever he wants to follow him to New York, but if you don't have the horses to run in the race, your gameplanning will just not have the expected results. The chemistry and players that made this Ravens defense feared throughout the league still remain in Baltimore, regardless of the loss of Ryan and a couple of the pieces. As long as we still have Ray Lewis in the middle, we will be among the best that any opponents offense faces this season. Ray Ray, combined with Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs and Haloti Ngata will survuve just fine without those other players, who will find life a bit more difficult and less successful without opposing offenses gameplanning away from #52.
The Jets will still have to overcome an offense that is way less "offensive" than even the Ravens, especially with the improvement and continuing potential of Joe Flacco and the rest of the offense. The Baltimore Ravens will once again be a force on defense, while the Jets will once again go into the season with a ton of question marks, regardless of the rookie head coach's success with his former team.
The NFL Network is right now interviewing the voice of Ravens TV football, Gerry Sandusky, who feels this defense is very portable and will be as good, if not even better than last year. He does, however, go on to say that Rex Ryan will significantly amp up the Jets defense to a level not seen in the AFC East. He also said the Ravens had no interest in TO, despite the grumblings of WR Derrick Mason.
Pittsburgh Steelers WR Hines Ward is now on screen being interviewed by the NFL Network's Rich Eisen, so please excuse me while I go regurgitate my breakfast!