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2009 Post Combine and Free Agency Mock Draft

Well, it has been a crazy few weeks since the last mock draft I put up. With the combine surprising a lot of people, it also showed us the ways that many teams will be drafting. Also, this has been one of the most hectic Free Agent periods in the history of the NFL. Guys getting 100$ million contracts and our 34 year old Middle Line Backer getting a 7 year deal. Just been an insane time for all of the NFL, and it is nice to know that it is starting to slow down. 

I promised to update this mock draft after I saw how these men performed at the combine, or if they even showed up. I also wanted to see how teams would fill their holes with Free Agency, so that changed a lot of picks. If you would like to see the differences between this draft and my last one, click here. Anyway, check it out, disagree, agree, debate, that is what I want. Thanks.


1 - DET: Stafford, Matthew - QB - Georgia
As many positions that this team has that need to be filled asap, the only way, in my mind, to start over after an 0-16 season is to start with the QB. Good pick here for the Lions and this should give them the ability to spread their offense more with the accuracy that Matt has. He will be a good QB to build with their freak they have at WR, Calvin Johnson.

2 - STL: Smith, Jason - OL - Baylor
Best OL in the draft who tore up the combine with strength and speed. With the recent release of hall of fame LT, Orlando Pace, it only makes sense to take Smith.

3 - KC: Curry, Aaron - OLB - Wake Forest
I would really like to see Curry play along side the very underrated LB, Derrick Johnson. With Glenn Dorsey up front, he will be able to eat up some blockers to let Curry use his great pass rush and speed to get to the QB. Also is an above average cover guy. Curry is my best defensive athlete in this year's draft.


4 - SEA: Monroe, Eugene - OL - Virginia
Still not sure about their running back situation, but now that Hasselback has a new weapon in TJ, he will need much better pass protection.

5 - CLE: Brown, Everette - DE - Florida State
Huge defensive end. Nearly 6'5" and 250+ with insane speed and strength. This guy has all the tools to become an elite pass rusher, especially when playing beside Shaun Rodgers and having an aging Willie McGintist on the down fall of his career. As much as Clev needs CB help, it is too early to take one here and pass on an athlete like Brown.

6 - CIN: Smith, Andre - OL - Alabama
A lot of weaknesses on both sides of the ball, but everything starts with the O-Line. This is a pass happy team that was not too happy last year with how they threw the ball. With Carson Palmer coming back from his 2nd season ending injury, it is about time to start getting this guy the protection he needs.

7 - OAK: Crabtree, Michael - WR - Texas Tech
I think the foot injury and not running at the combine drops Crabtree to the 7th spot. The Raiders are a mess right now but the grim-reeper, Al Davis, will not be able to hold back from picking the Texas Tech stand out.

8 - JAX: Oher, Michael - OL - Mississippi
O-Line killed them last year, as nearly their whole starting group was missing for most of the season. Even though Oher is the 4th best Lineman in the draft, still a great talent and would contribute right away.

9 - GB: Jenkins, Malcolm - CB - Ohio State
Charles Woodson and Al Harris are 2 of the best in the league, but they are also one of the oldest tandems in the league. I think it is time to start developing a new stud CB to take the place of one of these guys in the next few years and Jenkins is the best CB in this draft.

10 - SF: Orakpo, Brian - DE - Texas
Even though Coach Singletary has yet to find his starting QB and Mark Sanchez may be a consideration here, Singeltary will want to start building that defense up. They have their shutdown corner with Clements, they have one of the best MLB in the game with Willis, now they need that edge pass rusher. Orakpo is a beast.

11 - BUF: Maybin, Aaron - DE - Penn State
He is not the fastest, he is not the biggest, but he is the best combination of the 2 in this draft. The Bills addressed the Corner position last year, and what a great pick they got with McKeldin. I think they look improve their defense again and give LB Paul Posluszney a fellow Penn State guy.

12 - DEN: Raji, B.J. - DT - Boston College
The defense was one of the worst in the league this year and it looks that the Broncos really need another guy up front to push the O-Line back. Raji is the best DT in the draft and it would be a blessing for new Def. Coorinator, Mike Nolan, if he drops to them at 12

13 - WAS: Maualuga, Rey - ILB - USC
Even though his combine was not as impressive as most wanted it to be, he was particiapting in it with a bum hamstring. Washington filled their D-Line need with Haynes(100$mill)worth, so getting someone to clean up after his blocks would be huge for Zorn.

14 - NO: Davis, Vontae - CB - Illinois
Linebacker is a huge need, but Davis is too good to pass up at this point. With Mike McKenzie starting to slow down, bringing in more depth at CB is a must. Their offense can destroy you with the pass, but their defense loses it for them because of the pass.

15 - HOU: Johnson, Michael - DE - Georgia Tech
Mario Williams, Okoye, and Michael Johnson upfront would put fear in the eyes of opposing offenses. This team is flying under the radar with a very solid defense already, Johnson and Mario could be like Mathis and Freeney in Indi.

16 - SD: Wells, Chris - RB - Ohio State
I am still unsure of what SD wants to do here. They are a playoff team already, have weapons and a solid defense. LB might be a need, so Cushing could go here, but the Chargers have never had that true power back and might learn a lot behind LT.

17 - NYJ: Freeman, Josh - QB - Kansas St.
Yes, you are seeing correctly. No more Favre, no more Mangini, and our guy, Rex Ryan, taking some of that Baltimore swagger and mentality over to the Jets. Rex already knows what a big guy like Joe Flacco has done at QB for the Ravens, so taking the 6'6" 250 pound 3 year starter here might be a wise choice. Is Kellen Clemons the answer? Probably not. Will he get a shot? Yes, but Freeman is a big body with a lot of upside, much like Flacco. Look for Rex to start over at QB since his splash in FA.

18 - CHI: Maclin, Jeremy - WR - Missouri
Maclin didn't show up at the combine, but is looking to impress teams at his pro day. Still the 2nd best WR in the draft, he would add a lot of excitement to one of the leagues most boring offenses. Maclin and Hester together would be crazy to see. But who is going to get them the ball?

19 - TB: Nicks, Hakeem - WR - North Carolina
If the Bucs retained their deep threat, Antonio Bryant, and Nicks had a good showing at the combine, I think we see him go here. Might be the best possession WR in the draft because of his great hands. Is likely to catch any ball that comes his way and has a lot of room to expand his abilities. Only problem is, who s going to get the ball to him? Heyward-Bey a very good possibility here as well.

20 - DET: Cushing, Brian - OLB - USC
Safety William Moore from Missouri could be this pick, but Cushing is too much of an animal for Detroit to pass up. Him and Ernie Sims could be a good 1-2 punch.

21 - PHI: Moreno, Knowshon - RB - Georgia
Westbrook will be 30 next season, which does not mean that he cannot still be a top back in this league, but I think we are not going to be seeing the Westbrook we are used to anymore. Injuries have hit the man hard as well. That brings in Moreno, who I feel is the best all around back with his speed and strength for his 5'11" 207 frame. He bursted onto the scene and came out with amazing numbers. Great vision and can run a 4.4 most likely. Great time to let him learn from Westbrook.

22 - MIN: Mack, Alex - OL - California
With Matt Birk wearing the better shade of purple now, they are going to need to replace such a presence quickly. The Vikings have questions at right tackle as well, but most of the higher talent at tackle is gone. Mack can come in right away and start blocking for the best back in the league. I would not be surprised at CB here either.

23 - NE: Britton, Eben - OL - Arizona
Tom Brady went down last year because of their O-Line letting a DB through. They are still solid up-front, but getting older. Protection of the leagues best QB is a must for this team to win. OLB would make sense here as well, so trading up for Cushing could be a possibility

24 - ATL: Pettigrew, Brandon - TE - Oklahoma St.
I would love for him to drop to 26 for us, but Matt Ryan is one hell of a QB and has some very good, young, Recievers to work with for many years to come. But TE is something they need help on. Giving Ryan another weapon could produce one of the most explosive offenses for years to come. With Ryan's accuracy, Pettigrew would be a perfect dump off guy. DT is a need as well, so look out for Sen'Derrick Marks here from Auburn.

25 - MIA: Laurinaitis, James - ILB - Ohio State
Miami is definitely in need of some defensive stand outs. I think they are pretty much set at D-Line with Merling and the freak Joey Porter. So LB is the next upgrade. Laurinaitis is coming off back to back 100 tackles seasons and has above average sideline to sideline speed. Winner of the Nagurski and Butkus awards as well as Bedinark trophy.

26 - BAL: Heyward-Bey, Darrius - WR - Maryland
I am sticking with it. It is a full out Homer pick because I really want him. But If he is there, don't think we wont take a long look at him. Another CB would be helpful here, but I think guys like Moore, both Smiths, and Butler might be there in the 2nd round. Love for Pettigrew to fall here also.

27 - IND: Moala, Fili - DT - USC
I think the Colts will be upgrading the smallest D-Line in the league and one of the leagues worse rush defenses. For his size, he is a freakish athlete. Miola could very well run faster then many think he can. He adds to an already very athletic D-Line and would compliment the abilities of Freeney and Mathis greatly

28 - PHI: Moore, William - FS - Missouri
From Carolina. Having an extra 1st round pick here is huge for the Eagles. They have lost 2 key parts to their team with Dawkins and OL, Tra Thomas, but I think trying to mourn the loss of B-Dawk will lead them to make this pick. Moore is 6'1", 230 pounds and a heavy hitter. But he will also play coverage and had a good amount of INT's in his college career.

29 - NYG: Harvin, Percy - WR - Florida
Ok, Plax returns to NYG. Toomer leaves. Hixon will most likely not live up to the hype and Steve Smith is a solid possession WR with not blazing speed. They lose Derrick Ward to Free Agency, and maybe you throw in Harvin, the WR/RB guy?? Could be the explosion that Eli certainly needs in his life.

30 - TEN: Unger, Max - OL - Oregon
They need WR, BADLY! But with an aging Kevin Mawae, it is smart to get a guy who can take his place, which was evident in the AFC divisional game. Even though Unger is listed as a Tackle, he would play much better at Center in the NFL and has played there in the past. I wouldn't be surprised at Tenn choosing Kenny Britt here.

31 - ARI: McCoy, LeSean - RB - Pittsburgh
The running game improved in the playoffs, that is for sure. But 32nd in the league the whole 17 weeks of the season, no good at all. As much as we all love Edge, the man is going to need to stop soon. One of the BETTER backs the NFL has ever seen and it would be great for him to teach a guy like McCoy how to play like Edge did back in the day. He is not afraid to run between the Tackles and gets to his top speed very quickly. Pairing him with a very versatile Tim Hightower sounds right.

32 - PIT: Robinson, Duke - OL - Oklahoma
Well, we get to the Superbowl Champs. It was clearly evident that Pitt is still missing Faneca and cannot keep Ben on his feet at times. Their running game seemed to lose some of its "Pop" that it has shown in the pass and their best runner at times looked to be Big Ben. Pitt needs to start figuring out how to keep Ben in the pocket or else teams will figure out his ballerina moves. Parker and Mendenhall are 2 great backs and would thrive off of good blocking.