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Harbaugh Missed the Super Bowl!?

Hah, what a guy! Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh was so done with the team's season that he didn't even feel the need or urge to watch the team that beat him three times to get to the Super Bowl win another game in the final seconds. No need to sit on a sofa stuffing his face while rooting for one team over the other when he felt all along that he should have been pacing on the sidelines, hearing all the talk leading up to the game that a rookie coach with a rookie QB could never win the Super Bowl.

So, instead of putting himself through all the pain, he decided to go swimming, or more specifically, cliff diving. Yes, Harbaugh was on the North Shore of Hawaii, diving 50 feet off the cliffs into the Pacific Ocean. Reportedly, he caught a few glimpses of the game when he ducked into the local surf shop. Remember, that Harbaugh and his staff, by "luck" of losing the AFC Championship Game, are coaching the AFC in the Pro Bowl this Sunday. Lucky them, after the AFC Championship Game loss, they get the news. The good news is that you're all coaching one more game. The bad news is that it's the Pro Bowl, not the Super Bowl. Some consolation. At least they get to make some contact and see firsthand the free agents they might be interested in play ing in Baltimore next season. 

Apparently, Harbaugh was so fed up with the mere thought of seeing the Pittsburgh Steelers one more time this season, this time as a spectator, that he decided to go jump off a cliff instead!